Customs and import fees

All our orders are shipped from the United Kingdom (UK).

If your country is within the European Union (EU), then you will not have to pay customs or import duties.

However, if your country is outside of the EU, then it is likely you will have to pay customs and duties based on the value of your order.

We cannot change the value of your order for customs reasons, and the true value of your order will be shown on the outside of your parcel.

The price of your order at checkout does not include Customs and Duties. Any duties and taxes on your international shipment will be billed directly to you by the global carrier.

As each country can set its own policies (and policies change), we recommend you check your country Customs & Excise regulations as to whether you will need to pay a duty and/or a tax on your shipment?

  • USA - Orders over $800.00 may incur a charge.
  • Canada - Orders over $20.00 may incur a charge.
  • Norway - Orders over NOK350 may incur a charge.
  • Australia - Orders over $1000.00 may incur a charge.